Which app(s) do you use to manage fonts?

I was a big fan of Bohemian Coding's Fontcase and was saddened when it was shutdown. haven't found a viable replacement although I've attempted to use FontBase but it's just clunky and not well maintained.

Anyone else have a better solution for managing a large font collection on their Mac?

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Bohemian Coding Fonts app macOS

Ohh you reminded me I used to love their Fonts app, which I think was a simpler version of their full Fontcase. Had what felt like a new and fresh design for its time, even if its core features weren't much different from the built-in Font Book.

On Mac since then, I've just used Font Book to manage my limited personal font collection, with a backup folder of my purchased fonts in Dropbox, along with the Creative Cloud app to manage Adobe Fonts synced from my CC subscription.

On iOS, for years I've used the basic AnyFont app to install fonts, as there's no built-in way to directly install fonts. A nicer option that I've just recently downloaded is the Fontstand iOS app which both can manage and install your personal fonts and let you rent or buy fonts from their collection of foundries.

One newer option that at least looks like a good alternative for their simpler Fonts app is the Typeface app, as a minimal way to organize fonts and look through what they offer. I should give that one a try. FontBase looks like a more popular feature-full option, and RightFont is more aimed at teams syncing font libraries.

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Awesome, thanks. One thing that I really dislike about FontBase is that rather than putting my fonts into alphabetical sub-folders, it dumps all of them into one gigantic folder!

Typeface looks promising...! At $20, maybe it'll finally be the thing that converts me to Setapp.

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I'd have gotten Setapp way back if I didn't already have a Ulysses subscription (with an early adaptor discount).

Supposedly one reason Bohemian Coding dropped their apps is that sandboxing made it difficult to maintain their original features. Wonder if organizing in sub-folders is part of the restrictions they were bumping into?

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I've been using SkyFonts and liking it so far. This is the first font manager I'm using, so don't have a reference point to compare — but it gets the job done.

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I also use SkyFonts but it serves a different use case. It does help with activating fonts, but not so much with managing a large collection (5500 fonts!).

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I know it’s not a great answer, but I’ve mainly just relied on Font Book on macOS. 🥴

I did try FontBase and a few others, but always felt like I was missing something relative to the price paid. These days I tend to rely upon either open-source Google fonts where I make a collection or font families I spent my life savings on and will never forget.

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