Which billing and invoice software to integrate with Salesforce?

Hi All, we're a 10 person startup, recently closed our seed round, built out our salesforce solution, and now looking to automate our billing , contract signing and invoicing. We sell SaaS software to hospital residency programs on an annualized recurring contract.

Previously we did all of this too manually, and now want to from salesforce, automatically generate invoices and contracts and have them file. Automate as much of it as we can for renewals as well. We're looking at CPQ + Billing by Salesforce, and the onboarding process has been very detailed/extensive included a very long survey we received tonight. It also seems pricey. We're looking to build something into salesforce that can grow with us, and meet our needs, but trying to assess right technology to go with here.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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2 years ago
Subscription Management

We are in the process of rolling out Chargebee which is a subscription management / billing platform. They are rolling out quoting functionality with integration into SFDC, though we haven't yet used that yet. They charge by revenue generated.

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2 years ago
Native Salesforce

I would recommend going with the standard salesforce Billing and Invoicing module seen below:

As for your concern about pricing, it's all about negotiation and buying at the right time. End of month, quarter, or year. Also consider bundling it with any other Salesforce products you need, to get better pricing.

Otherwise, if you are looking for handling specific subscription business scenarios that are more complex, then look at Zoura below:

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2 years ago
Build a custom invoicing workflow with Zapier

One solution I've used (with other CRMs, though, not Salesforce) is to use a 3rd party invoicing tool, then connect it to the CRM with app automation tool Zapier. Have Zapier watch for a change (an updated lead with a specific field, or a lead hitting a specific stage in a workflow), then have Zapier trigger your invoice tool to create and send the invoice, then finally have Zapier update your contact in the CRM with details about the invoice.

With Salesforce, you could have Zapier watch for "Updated field on record" to watch for a field where you list invoice details. Then, you could use a tool like Formstack Documents (formerly WebMerge when I'd used it before) to make a template document for your invoice, and have Zapier fill in the details.

Another option could be to use accounting tool Xero, which connects to Salesforce through the Breadwinner app. It lists creating invoices from Salesforce as one of its core features.

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2 years ago

I believe our Accounting team uses Netsuite

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@maguay (replying to @stuartdsmith )
2 years ago

Do they use it with Salesforce?

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