Which bug reporting tool you are using?

We are weeks away from private launch of our new product and we are looking for a bug reporting tool. So far checked Bugherd, Usersnap.
Which tools you are using, what would be your recommendations?

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2 years ago

Redmine for issue/bug tracking has worked extremely well for us in web development. Keeps things organized and has just the essentials for what we need, making it very easy to use even after being away from it for months at a time.

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2 years ago

Service now for production incident management

And JIRA for testing

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2 years ago

Jira + Sentry. Good combination.

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2 years ago

In the past, I tried Rollbar and Sentry, but I found their interfaces too bloated and messy. Maybe I'm not the right audience as a solo founder.

Currently, I use and love It's clean and reliable. Notifications coming to a dedicated Slack channel, but can be hooked to anything you want.

Plus, it's a bootstrapped company that strives to make the best product on the market. That strongly resonates with my views, and it's one of the most important factors when I'm picking a tool/service to use.

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2 years ago

I use Sentry to catch errors and bugs.


  • Quite reliable
  • Sending exceptions to Sentry can shorten debugging time a lot, as it can grab a lot of relevant information Cons:
  • You have to take care how you construct your exceptions/error logs, to benefit from sensible issue grouping, and it can lead to less readable code.
  • Their interface is confusing (project/permission management mostly)
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2 years ago

My recommendation is Freshdesk for first line feedback and bug documentation, and then of course JIRA, it's the best tool that you can use.

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2 years ago

Use Sentry to report bugs.
+ It does the job
+ Devs value the info granularity it brings and helps them tackle bugs
+ Interface is easy to use

- Sync with JIRA has issues resulting in duplicates or update issues. This leads our PO to have to manage two boards instead of only (Jira + Sentry)
- Identical bugs that happen repeatedly are everytime reported as "new" when they are not. So you think you have 10 bugs when in reality you only have one. Big improvement potential here
- Slack integration works but notifications lack info. You still need to go in sentry to investigate sometimes to realise its a bug which you already are aware of

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2 years ago

JIRA, pretty much for all bug reporting and ticketing needs

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