Which calendar and scheduling tools do you use in a post-Woven and world? And how can smaller point solutions survive platform competitors?

With the recent shutdowns of Woven calendar and, scheduling productivity has taken a hit.

Which tools do you swear by? Will calendar and scheduling point solutions continue to get swallowed whole by multi-tooled productivity platforms?

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6 months ago


I never started using X.AI because I felt something was wrong with the support. They had not a clear roadmap.
You should give a try to

I think it is the best alternative to X.AI, even if it is quite early.
If you do not like it, the good old Acuity do a good job regarding group scheduling and Zapier automation.

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6 months ago

Here is my referral for Savvycal :

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6 months ago

I've been using Calendly for more than a year and will speak well of it—amazing how a simple scheduling link thrown into an email ups the professionalism several steps ahead.

They got me to become a paid user because I wanted to integrate more than one calendar and because I wanted my guests to be able to choose from more than one event type. Can't really imagine running my business (independent marketing consulting) without it at this point.

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6 months ago

Yo, so the track app has been my life for the past ~8 months. I'm using the mac version but I think they're rolling out a PC version... It's pretty much a calendar with inbuilt scheduling links...

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5 months ago

I have switched to Vimcal since the very sad demise of Woven. I do not love it as much as Woven, but it's OK. I think people who have switched to SuperHuman for email will probably really like it because it's built using the same kind of keyboard shortcuts, meant to be really fast. I loved the "my time" feature of Woven, and having a Calendly-esque feature built into a Calendar app made total sense. I have resigned myself to having to use multiple services to get to the same user experience.

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@klapicheza (replying to @sabrons )
5 months ago

That's a bummer! What other apps do you use alongside Vimcal?

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4 months ago

I love Motion. It is a silent productivity booster.

It is a calendar x to-do app that is fast and intuitive. You can drag time slots across timezones to share with others to schedule a meeting. And it is lightweight enough to live as a side-popout in the browser. It can do better in terms of aesthetics though (I feel Vimcal wins in that aspect).

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a month ago

i have been using as my one-stop solution for 1:1 calendar management, meetings, and calls. I liked their product so much that I am currently helping them with more automation and intelligence services as a consultant. If it's just for calendar management calendly still would be my go-to

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Definitely biased but we developed Meetz Ai, we have half off for new users as End of February we will be out of Beta officially.

We developed Laura to be even more human-like.

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