Which HubSpot add-ons do you use?

Do you pay for extras inside HubSpot, or use apps that connect to HubSpot?

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3 years ago
Salves Navigator (*Team Edition*)

Amongst the many Hubspot integrations that our team currently uses, we find the Linkedin Navigator add-on to be an incredibly useful tool for the sales team.
If you are both a Hubspot user (including those on the free CRM plan) and a Linkedin Sales Navigator for Teams* subscriber, you can connect the two accounts and within your Hubspot CRM, any contact page that you visit will include a small section off to the side that pulls in the users Linkedin profile, allows you to connect with a personalized message, and lists any mutual connections that you share - regardless of whether you are a 1st degree connection or not.
On company pages, the tool will list any "icebreakers" - folks either on your team or that you may be connected to who can introduce you to a possible decision maker at the company.
It's a neat feature for AE's to have at their disposal when contacting countless companies and always looking for a bit of a personal touch.

The downside of the integration:
A) it works on an individual basis within Hubspot (it's not companywide but only for the specific users paying for the Linkedin plan)
B) As of now, not only do you need Linkedin Sales Navigator ($80/month per user when paying monthly) but you need to purchase the Team edition ($135/month per user when paying monthly) - costs that can add up fairly quickly with even only a small sales team

Putting cost aside, it's a great integration that can really help sales teams increase efficiency.

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3 years ago

Vidyard - starting from free - to record 1-2-1 outreach videos and send them out using HubSpot email templates to track success rates.

SeventhSense is a must if you have a large list of email subscribers - send time optimisation and more.

We run articles on this subject frequently, here's the latest one:

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3 years ago

Thanks for sharing Eric; all great tools that you mention on the blog post! As for Circleloop - would you recommend their service over Aircall?
The latter has really pushed hard to entrench itself into the center of the Hubspot ecoystem for VOIP providers.

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