Which is the best relational database product besides Airtable?

We build a ton of no code applications and these require databases so we have used Airtable most often. However, now there is a better tool (I think) with Stackby ( What other databases do you use when creating custom no code applications?

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Actiondesk looks pretty cool. Still early stages but worth a shot. I personally use Airtable + Zapier to build my backend in any MVP I am working on

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For simple databases, I've increasingly defaulted to using Notion to build databases lately. It's less powerful than Airtable—but you can still use it to build relational databases and organize data. The core thing holding it back is the lack of API and integrations. Once those launch, Notion will be an even more serious competitor for building quick in-house apps for teamwork.

Coda is another option on the simpler database side, as a spreadsheet-styled database that lives inside documents. One cool thing with Coda is that you can reference data in-line in your text, to build data-driven reports easily where the report copy automatically updates if your data in the database changes.

On the more advanced side, the "database builder" or "low-code app builder" software category is less flashy but powers a lot of internal apps. Tools here include everything from Podio and Zoho Creator to QuickBase, Knack, and TrackVia.

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Must have a look at Ninox, it has almost a cult-like following!

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Fascinating, with a private cloud offering, too!

What do you like most about it vs. Airtable et al?

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Their approach is very different. Ninox offers a really powerful query language called NX which is great to build complex logic without the need to write code.

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