Which less expensive Trello replacement do you recommend?

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2 years ago

What paid feature do you need from Trello that you'd like to find in a less-expensive product?

I typically recommend Trello mostly because its free plan is so generous—its main limit is that you only get one power-up per board for free. But just for collaborating on kanban boards, it's great.

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2 years ago

The main paid feature needed is ability to have enough boards and centrally manage access (sso and admin).
I want it for simplicity of use versus other more complicated systems like Monday or Jira.
Actually less features is better, just core boards functionality as it was 5 years ago is entirely enough. So what alternatives are there?

So what are alternatives?

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@maguay (replying to @andraz )
2 years ago


So here are some options that might fit:

  • KanbanTool is perhaps simpler than Trello, and its paid plan is $5/user/mo. Can be self-hosted too.
  • Breeze might be cheaper, depending on your team size—their plans come in tiers of 5, 12, 30, or 60 users. Tad closer to a Monday or Jira-type product though.
  • MeisterTask is only marginally cheaper than Trello at $8.25/mo/user—and their base paid plan doesn't include SSO, though does include admin tools. But it's beautifully designed, feels like a fancier Trello, and has more built-in automation features. Plus works with mindmaps if you like to brainstorm on a mindmap then turn the ideas into a project.
  • Wekan could work for free if you don't mind self-hosting and running your own service
  • Another crazy idea: Airtable's free plan lets you store 1200 items per database. No SSO, but if you archive older tasks as they're completed, you could build a detailed kanban workflow there for free.
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2 years ago
  • How much less expensive would an alternative tool need to be for you to consider a recommendation?
  • What Trello features do you value the most?
  • What features could Trello add for you to feel like the current price is providing fair value to you?
  • What features could you live without if Trello (or an alternative) were to charge a lower price?

(One thing to keep in mind, and I don't know your financial situation, is that Trello need to pay their employees as well as pay for hosting and other ongoing costs. I wonder if other software providers would have similar costs and therefore there is a lower price limit we can expect from tools in this category before they are not sustainable for the business. Or the business has to sell our data in order to offer a cheaper or free product.)

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