Which software company do you think has the worlds' best Customer Success team? Specifically a proactive team who is responsible for driving adoption and revenue expansion (as opposed to reactive support, just to clarify).

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2 years ago

In my opinion, it's Highspot, a sales enablement tool, similar to a CMS but with actual adoption and revenue generation. Their CSM team never ever quits and doesn't charge to constantly increase engagement and ROI

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2 years ago

I'm highly biased here since I used to work on the team, but I think Zapier has done an incredible job at support, and am certain it's part of the reason that people stick around and increase their Zapier usage over time. Zapier sits between the other SaaS tools you use, some of which like G Suite have limited support on their own. And so, often the issues you encounter with Zapier may be partly an issue with the apps you're connecting—so the support team basically needs to know how to use hundreds of different software, and figure out creative ways to use Zapier to add missing features, correct API and data differences, and get things working together smoothly. By doing that, they make Zapier more sticky—a friend and I used to joke that as many G Suite questions as some people sent in, it almost seemed like they found Zapier worth paying for as basically combined one-stop support for their other software—and also can help people use Zapier more if they can find ways to help people create the automations they need.

And Zapier does all hands support, where the entire company takes a few hours a week to answer tickets, which lets support interactions influence product, marketing, and more across the company as everyone sees what's working and what's not for users.

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a year ago

Superhuman really gives personalized attention all the way from the first 30-min personalized on boarding process to the weekly emails from the CEO to the personalized referral methodology. Everything is done with customer success in the forefront.

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@maguay (replying to @ansh )
a year ago

They've got to be the best example of following the advice of "doing things that don't scale" when starting out an early-stage startup ... and yet they've continued to do that for years.

I honestly think a solid percent of Superhuman's value is that human touch, and that if Gmail took the same time to onboard people, the new Gmail users would find much of the same productivity gains that Superhuman offers.

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