Why is the implementation of other email service providers going so slow?

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a year ago

We have a framework for R&D spend. For every dollar you spend, you are choosing — either implicitly or explicitly — to spend it either on (1) Market Widening or (2) Solution Deepening.

  1. Market Widening means making the product available to more users, but not making it any better at solving users' problems.
  2. Solution Deepening means making the product better at solving users' problems, but not making it available to more users.

Many startups have gone awry by chasing Marketing Widening. This can be a way to kickstart growth, but if done too early it will leave your early adopters and core evangelists feeling unloved.

All that said, I do want to support other email service providers as soon as we can. We plan to start working on O365 later this quarter! 🙏

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