Question is shutting down...what are the best alternatives?

Title speaks for itself. They got acquired by Bizzaboo and now integrating it there 😿 (details). I never properly tried Calendly, so I'm wondering what are people's favorite alternatives. Definitely want
1. Group scheduling
2. Programmatic scheduling (API/Zapier/Slack)

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a year ago


I never started using X.AI because I felt something was wrong with the support. They had not a clear roadmap.
You should give a try to

I think it is the best alternative to X.AI, even if it is quite early.
If you do not like it, the good old Acuity do a good job regarding group scheduling and Zapier automation.

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a year ago

Here is my referral for Savvycal :

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7 months ago

Biased but Meetz Ai.

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