Zapier vs Integromat?

I have been migrating many of my Zapier flows over to Integromat after hitting the boundary of what seems to be possible with Zapier: lack of certain functions within supported apps (ie Fav on Twitter or add a contact on Sendgrid), iterators...

Right now, the only thing that's still keeping me with Zapier is the ability to define and run code functions in a Zap. What else is Zapier better at than Integromat and vice versa?

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2 years ago

Just my two cents here, but I see the biggest differences with Zapier and Integromat on the spectrum of complexity versus simple. Zapier has made it clear they are going for the more simple in everything they do. They want to make it so simple to build automations that anyone who can use SaaS apps can build out any automation. This means when you get into more complex scenarios (like iterations, looping over a value etc) Zapier says yeah that's not really what our platform is for.

Integromat, on the other hand, has focused so much on being able to do the complex (integrators, routers, loops etc) that they have a complicated interface that makes mass-market adoption next to impossible.

I work with clients who are struggling with more complex workflows and want to accomplish them inside Zapier, they would never be able to build a scenario in Integromat due to the UI issues.

So I'm not saying one is better than the other, they just have different focuses, and like Apple and Microsoft they will probably be around for years to come hashing this out, what's better complexity and customizability (Integromat/Microsoft) versus simple and locked down (Apple/Zapier)

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@NBNite (replying to @namtrok )
2 years ago

I completely agree with everything here from start to finish - I've been using Zapier for a while and found the transition over more complicated than I would have liked.

The question will be whether Integromat can continue to grow its user base with a less user-friendly platform (most of whom likely don't need the complex tools they offer) or will they plateau with an appeal only to advanced users who appreciate the expanded options.

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@iCanAutomate (replying to @namtrok )
2 years ago

I agree with you! That said, we at Integromat are doing a lot of things to get non-tech folks to make it past the learning curve. Once that happens, everything becomes beautiful.

P.S. Want to hop on a call to share your Integromat woes?

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2 years ago

Oh, I love this topic!

I can't stop getting more excited about Integromat. Their features, service, and pricing is way better than Zapier. Zapier just has certain integrations that Integromat doesn't yet, but for the most part, you can accomplish those with webhooks.

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@NBNite (replying to @_dijy_ )
2 years ago

Right on with you @dijy
There's so much to love about Integromat and it's expanded capabilities but as @namtrok mentioned above, the UI just isn't set up for the average saas user to easily pick up. That alone will turn a good amount of people off..

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2 years ago


I have been using both tools for a while now. And for me Integromat is overall better than Zapier.

Zapier has some functions that are unique :
- Replay a scenario with test data
- Easy Email Digest set up
- Custom code

But most of those features are in developement by Integromat's team.

Why I think Integromat is better :
The scenario UI is so much clearer to understand and create complexe scenario.
The error handeling is much more powerfull, which is so important when your business relys on your automation system being up and running.
Its cheaper :)

Zapier is very good if you want to set up one or two zaps that are very simple. But for the more complexe stuff Integromat is the real deal.

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2 years ago

FYI @brnt... word on the grapevine is that code steps are coming to Integromat in the next week or so.

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2 years ago

Integromat's UI has a steeper learning curve, but once you get it it is a much better way of representing automation with more than a couple modules. It's like a whiteboard where you can pin and connect modules any way you like.
It's pricing is much better than Zapier's too.
I've actually been looking around what they have in development, and a custom code module is currently being created. Here's the link if you'd like more information:

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2 years ago

I believe Zapier makes it really easy for one to get started with their linear integration builder. While it limits one from being creative and building complex workflows, not everybody wants the added flexibility, especially those who just want to create simple integrations with a few steps.

As far as Inegromat is concerned, it offers a non-linear visual integration builder that is packed with powerful built-in tools and functions that make complex integrations fun to build!

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2 years ago

An interesting dilemma! Zapier probably offers better support than Integromat, but that comes at a cost. In terms of supporting a diverse set of apps, Integromat is probably ahead of Zapier but really depends on your use case.

Depending on the complexity / customer nature of your use case and what you are willing to pay for, I'd suggest trying a new open source tool that is getting excellent traction on Github called

One of the inherent issues with Zapier (and most classic iPaaS like IFTTT, Tray, etc.) is that they aren't as extensible in practice as they claim on the tin. An open source solution (built in TypeScript and Vue.js) could give you the flexibility and extensibility you need.

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