September 30, 2020


How does Zoom compare to Google Hangouts?

Hangouts always seemed to kill my laptop battery—is Zoom less resource intensive? How does it compare otherwise?

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How do Zoom annual plans work?

Does Zoom charge you for the whole year upfront, or give you a discount on your monthly fee?

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How many Zoom seats does your team pay for?

We've gotten by for years on one paid account that we use to start longer meetings. Does your team use similar tricks, or do you pay for your whole company?

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When did you start paying for Zoom?

We try to keep our meetings short, so the free plan is still working for us. What pushed your team to start paying for Zoom?

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How reliable is Zoom for your calls?

Especially on less reliable internet connections or with international teams, does it work good for your calls? How does Zoom's call quality compare to other services you've used?

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How is Amazon’s AWS support, and do you pay for it?

Was surprised to see Amazon's support pricing, and am curious how much most teams end up paying for AWS support and how valuable that has been for your team.

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How long did it take your team to switch to AWS?

My app is currently hosted on several Digital Ocean VPS, and migrating to AWS seems like it may be more challenge than it's worth at the moment. How difficult was the switch for your team?

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What is your favorite AWS service?

Any smaller, lesser-known services your team loves?

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AWS users: Do you use Amazon’s services for new things you need by default, or use other services?

Is there any advantage to sticking with an AWS-only stack as much as possible?

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