October 25, 2020


Do HubSpot’s mobile apps include all HubSpot features?

Would you be able to use HubSpot from mobile without needing to use the browser version?

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Can you downgrade from HubSpot marketing to the free CRM?

Considering upgrading, but not certain we would need HubSpot's marketing tools long-term—but definitely want to keep using the CRM. Would love to hear from others who have downgraded HubSpot.

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How does HubSpot CRM compare to Salesforce?

Our team is new to CRMs, and it seems many larger companies end up using Salesforce over time. Do you think HubSpot CRM is sufficient for your needs, or would it be something where we'll use it at ...

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HubSpot CRM users: Do you plan to upgrade to paid HubSpot?

Or do you use other tools for the marketing automation aspects?

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How has your team customized Jira?

And how long did it take to get Jira working well for your team?

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Does your team use Jira with other Atlassian products?

We use Trello, but also GitHub—so curious if Jira works equally well with non-Atlassian products.

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Why did your team quit using Jira?

Did you switch to managing projects in GitHub or another project management app?

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Are Jira's mobile apps full-featured?

Could you use Jira effectively without using it on the web?

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What does Jira include that other project management tools don't?

What makes it crucial for especially software development teams?

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