October 25, 2020


What are your favorite Trello power-ups?

I've always used the Trello Calendar as my power-up on free boards. Which other power-ups do you rely on?

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What is your favorite Trello board layout?

What unique columns does your team use in Trello?

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What are your favorite Asana templates?

Trying to find ways to use Asana more productively, and would love inspiration from other teams on the templates you use.

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Do you discuss projects in Asana or Slack?

Curious if anyone's replaced team chat with Asana's conversations.

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Do you use Asana Business or Professional?

Trying to decide if Professional's features are worth the additional cost.

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Do you prefer Asana's Calendar or Timeline?

Wondering if it's worth upgrading my Asana plan to get the Timeline feature.

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Is Asana's calendar a good replacement for Gantt charts?

Curious about how flexible it is, especially for rescheduling tasks that take longer than planned.

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How do you organize tasks in Asana?

Do you prefer lists, kanban boards, or timelines?

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Why did you choose Asana?

There are so many to-do list apps—what feature made you pick Asana?

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