April 17, 2021


What is the best reason to use GitHub?

That is, why would you pick GitHub versus a self-hosted git workflow, Bitbucket, or Gitlab?

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What is the most frustrating thing in GitHub?

Anything that makes your development and collaboration workflow worse?

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Do you manage projects and issues in GitHub, or other apps?

Our team uses both Jira and GitHub issues, but that's a bit confusing. What have you settled on for issues?

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How difficult was it to switch to using GitHub?

Before your team used GitHub, what was your software collaboration system and how difficult was it to migrate to GitHub—especially if you were using Mercurial?

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Do you use GitHub’s desktop app or git in Terminal?

I find the desktop app much easier to get started, but harder to resolve issues. You?

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Has anything changed with GitHub since it was acquired by Microsoft?

Private repositories in the free plan are one major change—anything else you've noticed?

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GitHub Enterprise users: What did you need beyond what the Team plan offered?

Seems the primary difference is the uptime guarantee; is there anything else major that the Enterprise plan offers?

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Did you downgrade your GitHub plan once it added free private repositories?

GitHub free private repositories are a bit limited—especially with only 3 collaborators—but curious how many people found the free plan enough for their needs with that one change.

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How does GitHub compare to Bitbucket?

If you've used both and switched—what made GitHub or Bitbucket better?

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