April 23, 2021


How full-featured are Salesforce’s mobile apps?

Can you use Salesforce effective mobile-only?

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Former Salesforce users: What did you switch to?

Considering switching away from Salesforce as it's expensive for what our team does, so looking for the best alternatives.

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Salesforce Enterprise users: Why did you choose that plan versus Salesforce Professional?

Seems to have very similar features; what made Enterprise worth it for your team?

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Which Salesforce plan do you use, and why?

Planning to use the small business Essentials plan to start, though would like to know which plans other companies end up using.

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What features make HubSpot’s marketing and sales hubs worth buying?

Happy with HubSpot CRM right now, and curious which features pushed your team to upgrade to HubSpot's paid plans.

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Why did you choose HubSpot?

Which other marketing apps did you consider, and which features in HubSpot made you pick it?

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Do HubSpot’s mobile apps include all HubSpot features?

Would you be able to use HubSpot from mobile without needing to use the browser version?

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Can you downgrade from HubSpot marketing to the free CRM?

Considering upgrading, but not certain we would need HubSpot's marketing tools long-term—but definitely want to keep using the CRM. Would love to hear from others who have downgraded HubSpot.

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How does HubSpot CRM compare to Salesforce?

Our team is new to CRMs, and it seems many larger companies end up using Salesforce over time. Do you think HubSpot CRM is sufficient for your needs, or would it be something where we'll use it at ...

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