September 23, 2021


Are Jira's mobile apps full-featured?

Could you use Jira effectively without using it on the web?

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What does Jira include that other project management tools don't?

What makes it crucial for especially software development teams?

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Do you use self-managed Jira and why?

The self-hosted version wouldn't bring much savings if any, so curious what made your team want to run Jira in-house.

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Jira Premium users: What made your team upgrade to their top plan?

Jira Premium offers an uptime SLA, unlimited storage, and 24/7 support—but everything else seems the same. Where those alone enough for your team to upgrade?

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Which Intercom add-ons do you pay for?

Considering adding the custom bot or answer bot to our Intercom right now.

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Which Intercom features are your favorite?

Do you only rely on it for chat, or use its full marketing and support features?

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What Intercom bots do you rely on?

Trying to find more ways to automate support, and would love to hear ideas you have.

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Have you quit using Intercom on your site?

Seems I see the Intercom popup less on sites today. Has your team decided to quit using Intercom, and why? Or did you move Intercom only to your support site?

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Does Intercom offer annual discounts?

And if so, does it bill for the whole year upfront?

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