September 23, 2021


How does Intercom calculate active people and seats?

Our website gets far more traffic from marketing content than we have actual users visiting our site. Would every site visitor count as an active person, or only our logged-in users?

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Do you use Intercom for customer support or use it alongside other apps?

Curious if its email support tools are as good as its chat, and if we could use it as our one app for customer support.

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What apps did you replace with Intercom?

Did you have other apps for customer support, chat, and documentation that you replaced with Intercom, or did you add it as a brand new addition?

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Why did you add Intercom to your website?

Do you find it a worthwhile addition for your customer support?

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How responsive is Slack's support?

And do they have phone support if you need?

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What do you automate in Slack?

Our team uses integrations to get notifications in Slack about a wide range of events across our software—but that's more using Slack as a notification hub. What other ways do you automate tasks in...

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What's most frustrating about Slack?

Slack search never seems to find what I need on first try—but then, many apps' search tools aren't great. What parts of Slack don't work as well as you'd like?

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How has your Slack usage changed over time?

Are you and your team using it more, or less? Have you replaced other communication tools with Slack, or do you find email and other apps being used more in your workflows again?

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Which Slack Apps do your team use?

I've added Slack integrations via Zapier, and turned on built-in features like Slack's GitHub integration, but haven't added any 3rd party Slack Apps. Which do you recommend?

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