June 20, 2021


What's your Figma feedback workflow?

Figma comments seem a bit difficult to manage—does your team have any system to manage design feedback in Figma?

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How do you manage UI copy in Figma?

We find ourselves needing to re-check designs for copy changes, as there's no central way to manage text in Figma. How do you manage copy in your Figma designs?

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How do you demo prototypes from Figma?

Wanting to find an easier way to share designs where they feel finished without viewers seeing the Figma editor.

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What are your most handy Slackbot responses?

One clever Slackbot response I'd seen was to share the wifi password when asked in Slack. Any favorite ones your team relies on?

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Are private Slack channels or group DMs better for private discussions?

Any pros and cons, or do they essentially work the same?

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Has anyone replaced Microsoft Access apps with Airtable?

Since Microsoft is not supporting Access web apps anymore, is Airtable sufficient as a replacement?

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What Gmail feature do you miss in Superhuman?

I've missed a few Gmail add-ons since switching to Superhuman. Is there anything else you wish Superhuman had?

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Does Superhuman have team pricing?

Looks like it's $30/month, but if you buy as a team, have you gotten any discounts?

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What are Notion's best hidden features?

Just discovered the Word Count feature on the bottom of the menu in each Notion note. What other hidden features do you love?

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