January 24, 2022


How does HubSpot Marketing count contacts?

Can you archive contacts, or mark them as non-active, to reduce your per-contact fee? Are there any tricks your team uses to minimize your contact fee?

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How full-featured are HubSpots mobile apps?

Would it be possible to use HubSpot fully from iOS and Android apps, without using the browser?

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Did your team need HubSpot premium services ?

Wondering if our company could start using HubSpot without needing to pay for consulting or training. Would love to hear if your company used their services—and if you found them valuable.

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Which HubSpot add-ons did your team need?

How much can you do in HubSpot with its built-in features—and are the add-ons necessary?

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Do you use HubSpot's blogging tool?

Wondering if it's good enough to use instead of WordPress or Medium for a basic company blog.

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What's your most unique Trello workflow?

I've used kanban boards extensively to manage writing workflows (idea, outline, draft, editing, revise, publish, completed). What are your favorite Trello workflows?

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Should you archive completed Trello cards or move them to a completed list?

I've always moved cards to a Completed list, but it does get cluttered and long over time. Curious how other teams manage completed tasks.

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What are your favorite Trello power-ups?

I've always used the Trello Calendar as my power-up on free boards. Which other power-ups do you rely on?

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What is your favorite Trello board layout?

What unique columns does your team use in Trello?

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