January 30, 2023


Are private Slack channels or group DMs better for private discussions?

Any pros and cons, or do they essentially work the same?

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Has anyone replaced Microsoft Access apps with Airtable?

Since Microsoft is not supporting Access web apps anymore, is Airtable sufficient as a replacement?

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What Gmail feature do you miss in Superhuman?

I've missed a few Gmail add-ons since switching to Superhuman. Is there anything else you wish Superhuman had?

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Does Superhuman have team pricing?

Looks like it's $30/month, but if you buy as a team, have you gotten any discounts?

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What are Notion's best hidden features?

Just discovered the Word Count feature on the bottom of the menu in each Notion note. What other hidden features do you love?

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How do you organize notes in Notion?

Does your whole company use one workspace, or do you split workspaces by teams? Do you put everything in long notes, or use multiple sub-notes? Any tricks to make notes easier to find?

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What are the best use-cases for Superhuman snippets?

I still rely on text expander snippets for emails—curious if others are using Superhuman snippets more than text expanders, and if so, where they've come in handy.

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How is Superhuman so fast?

Just seems surprising that a web app seems to load faster than many native Mac mail apps.

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