June 3, 2023


Anyone here affected by Automate.io being shut down?

Hey guys, I was just wondering whether there are any Automate.io customers who are kinda shocked and looking for alternatives now.

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How can we make Notion work seamlessly with Confluence and Jira?

I'm a big user of Notion and would love for my team to start using it as well. We are about to transition over to Jira from Wrike and will have access to Confluence. Does it make sense for us to ma...

Integrate Jira, zapier, and Redbooth

Good morning, I am trying to integrate jira zo zapier to update the status of the incident after making another tool called Redbooth, put a task in finished and tried sending it through a webhook b...

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AWS Marketplace - dos and donts

Hello everyone, Can you share with me some learnings/experiences/points of attention from buying software through the AWS marketplace? My team is just starting this process and we'd like to know ...

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Why is there discrepancy in numbers in google analytics and mailchimp?

For example: I ran a campaign whose revenue is 400k according to mailchimp while analytics shows around 80k. Which one is the most accurate?

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Can Notion show data from linked databases on the same page?

I am trying to figure out just how powerful Notion can be and how it can help out clients I would like to create one view which shows records from multiple tables The structure I have is Group Co...

What software would you recommend to track commission and manage referrals?

My business has ended up receiving a lot of income from referrals to other businesses in our industry. The companies we're receiving referrals from are all run very differently and have complicated...

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