April 20, 2021


What would you ask before hiring a helpdesk and communications platform?

I'm deciding on a universal inbox (including whatsapp, bots and ai) and helpdesk platform. Would like to have a all in one solution, but never worked with cs before. What questions are important? W...

Vanta vs SecureFrame vs Laika

Currently debating between these three vendors for help on SOC2 compliance. Already talked to reps on two of them. I'm curious what everyone else's experiences has been!

How to put real-time content in your website and app, with a no-code platform?

I want to put real-time content—e.g. in sports live commentary—apps and websites. But, I want to do this task on a No-code platform. Please suggest.

Superhuman is now a calendar app.

Several months back when the Capiche community interviewed Superhuman founder @rahulvohra, he’d mentioned that deeper calendar integration was coming to their email app soon. And now it’s here. ...