August 11, 2022


What's the best way to recruit partners for a SaaS referral program?

My company has recently launched a referral program that we think is reasonably enticing. Now comes the real challenge of growing the referral program and recruiting partners (affiliates). Our prog...

Creating master contacts table for use in other pipelines

Hi all, We use Notion for recruitment pipelines. What I'd really like is to create a master contact list which can be browsed, and relevant candidates added to potentially multiple pipelines. Ess...

What's the best video conferencing app for internal discussions?

Three major considerations I have been using to evaluate the plethora of options available: 1. Effortless/non-intrusive: It shouldn't feel like a video call 2. Price: As this app would be complime... is shutting down...what are the best alternatives?

Title speaks for itself. They got acquired by Bizzaboo and now integrating it there 😿 (details). I never properly tried Calendly, so I'm wondering what are people's favorite alternatives. Definitel...

Implement event tracking at Merchant level rather than user level

We work on a similar concept as Shopify, except for the Market Place concept, the Merchant brings the audience (called consumers from here on) to the platform and they are the ones who make the pur...

Top Answers
Which podcast platform should I use to host a new, casual podcast?

Seems like Anchor, Breaker, Libsyn, and a ton others exist... in terms of bang for the buck, any recommendations? I'm also not thinking huge production value — basically an audio/spoken blog.

What is the best B2B product usage analytics solution?

Mixpanel, Amplitude and several others are more for B2C use cases. Coz of this, account level (usage at the company level) grouping is either very tough OR available only at their enterprise-level ...