September 23, 2021


The Notion API is hereβ€”how are you using it?

Notion's API is finally live in public beta, with new Notion Zapier integrations ready to automate your Notion databases at least. Have you set up any Notion automations yet? How do you plan to us...

What's your fave financial budgeting software? Phocas? Something else?

Curious to know if anyone has experience with using Phocas for budgeting and forecasting (or a similar solution). Presently using Excel and it's entirely too archaic.

Got any Integromat <> GoDaddy automation ideas?

Hey guys, Michaela from Integromat here, hope everyone's having a splendid day! We are thinking of looking into the GoDaddy API because we'd love to give our users the chance to automate more proc...

So Woven Calendar is leaving us

May 28th is last day for Woven users and I still can't find a suitable replacement. I need a multiplatform (Win, MacOS, iOS) product with a clean design, capable of managing multiple cloud calendar...