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Do you use kanban in your CRM, or do you have another way to organize leads and contacts?

Pipedrive perhaps most famously made a kanban-style workflow the default way to move leads through a sales process, and similar kanban workflows are now common in many CRM apps (along with project ...

Zoom Phone standalone?

Does anyone have experience with pricing/structure for Zoom Phone? It seems like Zoom Phone is essentially a standalone product as long as you have at least one paid Zoom host subscription. I'm gle...

How do you run SaaS referral programs?

We're looking at automating how we handle referrals - it's currently done manually with Typeform with clients uploading referrer names and emails. We upload these folks into Salesforce manually. ...

What are the greatest points of friction / pain points when purchasing new software?

Purchasing software can be a headache. Is it the biggest point of friction when purchasing software the back-and-forth negotiation, signing the contract, paying for the software, integrating the s...

Meet the Capiche Community, July 2020.

Just joined Capiche, or finally jumping into the conversations after watching from the sidelines for a while? We’re glad you’re here! And we'd love to learn a bit more about you. What are you wor...

How many SaaS tools do you collaborate across on a daily basis?

When I used to work at a large company I remember my work being spread across GitHub, Google Drive, Slack, Datadog, Figma and Dropbox, in that order. I pay close attention to my workflows and I not...

What are the best tools to build a sales funnel from scratch?

Our company is looking to build a sales funnel to drive outbound sales. Today, we use Salesforce for our CRM, but we are looking to set up tools that can help us generate leads, creates a campaig...

What is the best tool for building, generating and sending quotes?

We build and market websites and we are trying to shift away from an all-you-can-eat type of service, and move towards a quote based system. Does anyone have any good tools for building, generatin...

Alternative to Segment Personas?

I'm looking for a tool to build the source of truth about my users/customers. Segment Personas fits the bill BUT last time I checked (12+months ago) it was super expensive. Does anyone have an al...

What's the best submission management software (specifically grants management)?

Our nonprofit has a couple of small programs that do grantmaking and we are exploring an opportunity that would vastly expand the grantmaking we do. We've used Reviewr, but it is not comprehensive ...

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How have you customized your CRM?

Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and other popular contact management tools are a great platform to start managing contacts—but the default setup is only a base. One of the biggest reasons people say they ...

Sales Email Sequence & Open Source CRM

What’s up everyone, I have been recently working with small non profit organizations to help them set up their tools and workflow. And it’s all about finding the cheapest and most powerful tool. ...

Feature Request:

It would be great if Salesforce had the ability to version control reports, without having to save them with a new name. This version control would also be great for Salesforce lightning pages. ...

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How to send cold emails without burning your domain?

Does anyone have a good resource that explains best practices to do this? Our team isn't planning to spam the universe, we just want to make a stronger effort to send outbound emails without riski...

Which billing and invoice software to integrate with Salesforce?

Hi All, we're a 10 person startup, recently closed our seed round, built out our salesforce solution, and now looking to automate our billing , contract signing and invoicing. We sell SaaS softwar...

How do you compare Drift to Hubspot?

We're up for renewal with Drift next year. I feel like it's getting a little expensive for what they offer. We currently use Salesforce, Drift and Autopilot - and I feel like it would be nice to ha...

What Salesforce Apps do you use?

Curious which ones your team gets the most benefit from.

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How much have you customized your Salesforce account?

Seems Salesforce's greatest benefit is its flexibility, but curious how far others take it. Do you deeply customize Salesforce, or just add custom fields?

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How full-featured are Salesforce’s mobile apps?

Can you use Salesforce effective mobile-only?

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Former Salesforce users: What did you switch to?

Considering switching away from Salesforce as it's expensive for what our team does, so looking for the best alternatives.

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How does Salesforce annual billing work?

Do you pay all at once, or at the annual rate each month? Are there any cancelation fees?

Salesforce Enterprise users: Why did you choose that plan versus Salesforce Professional?

Seems to have very similar features; what made Enterprise worth it for your team?

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Which Salesforce plan do you use, and why?

Planning to use the small business Essentials plan to start, though would like to know which plans other companies end up using.

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Why did you choose Salesforce?

Salesforce's CRM plans are more expensive than many, its design is confusing and dated, and yet its an incredibly popular CRM especially for mid to large sized enterprises. What made your team pick...

What's the best Salesforce plan to start with?

There are so many different Salesforce plans—which did you choose at first?

What are the best Salesforce plugins?

Curious what Salesforce apps, add-ons, and integrations others rely on today.

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