Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Salesforce?

Salesforce is super powerful and customizable.

That they've built so much customisability into the product.

The reporting in Salesforce is incredible. If your business is small, you can easily get by with a lighter weight solution, but as you grow and aspire for detailed metrics, you'll likely be frustrated.

Salesforce is easy to use for most teams

Salesforce provides us a platform to organize our customers and serves as a hub for communicating with them through integrations with Zendesk, Outreach, etc.

Integrations, possible to connect multiple systems like internal products and marketing tech to our sales force

It is super configurable, and you can create and optimize business processes with it.

People know how to use it.

How it integrates with practically any other piece of software I need to run my business.

It's Salesforce, it does everything.

Customisation - possible

The fact that it’s a platform. You can use one system like sales or service cloud and expand.

Its ubiquity is definitely a major plus. It has a massive ecosystem of partners, integrations, and more, and that makes it way easier to customize, scale, and troubleshoot.

Salesforce reporting is phenomenal- once you figure out what you're doing

What one thing do you like least about Salesforce?

The configuration makes it difficult to deal with our complex customer hierarchies, which also leads to issues throughout the PO generation process, and ultimately the billing process

Careful, you might die by a million cuts because easy or user friendly doesn't describe much of this platform.

Salesforce still requires massive amounts of data entry on the part of the individual user. You can avoid a fair amount of this if you have an admin who has end-user experience in mind during customization.

Using it feels like I'm back in the 90s.

It can get expensive and some of the functionality isn't very customizable

Pricing. Just too expensive for doing lots of API calls for refreshing data as well as when users increase (csm, account managers, AEs)

It could be slow sometimes.

It's really expensive.

The user interface is clunky and slow, plus trying to buy software from them is one of the worst experiences b2b experiences I've had.

It's impossible to administrate and infinitely complex

Customisation - necessary

The prices, especially the sticker prices are very expensive. They typically have a deep discount matrix but you only have ability to negotiate as a large company.

It’s very expensive for startups and SMBs, even with their new essentials bundle