Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Segment?

Straightforward analytics data ETL setup for most sources and destinations. Most of the time, it just works for major connections.

They've built a great data layer/management tool. The tool is easy to use and understanding sources is simple. Pricing is based on users, not events. The new personas feature is incredible. This tool scales as you do.

Integration is super easy. Love the connectors. Has saved us a bunch of engineering time and made our marketing happy.

Integrations are nice and comprehensive

Centralizes everything!

Makes it dead simple to send data to lots of third party services in a standard way.

I really like the streamlined data, which reveals more insights

Saves us a lot of time when trying new products that use our data.

Any non technical member can get a go at a tool without having to negotiate with the tech team

Set it up once and then you won't have to change your code to add any other analytics / marketing integration!

Help center and support are both strong

What one thing do you like least about Segment?

1 - Opaque pricing on selected features such as destination filters.
2 - Also, FB server-side tracking integration is under-documented, though understandable since FB is highly protective on this since its "beta" for years.
3 - weaker on event/trigger-based connections

Can be expensive as you scale. Not all integrations are seamless.

Quite simply the pricing. We have a lot of users but don't monetize them all. Pricing is very much a concern for us as we grow.

Pricing makes it cost prohibitive

Often don't update their integrations and they become outdated.

unclear pricing information

Can be cumbersome to debug issues.