Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Sketch?

The ability to hold command to grab the corner pins on any object to rotate it.

I love the utility of scale. If i want a quick abstract concept, I can put pen to paper and get some tangible in a few minutes. But I can also spend hours diving in and creating a robust hifi. It's approachable and that makes it useful.

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  • ease of use
  • easy integration with code
  • less complex than Illustrator
  • made for UI/UX

I appreciate how lightweight Sketch is as opposed to many of the design tools I grew up using. It’s competing in an ever tough market now but I’m optimistic about how much more room Sketch has to grown and mature in.

Ability to create product designs quickly and easily

What one thing do you like least about Sketch?

Text on path is terrible. I'm not sure why they even have it in the product as it can break easily — especially text on ellipse.

The short cuts are great but they're not obvious. Sometimes using the same shortcut twice unselects the shortcuts, sometimes not.

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  • limited measuring tools

There’s definitely a notable gap between Sketch and Figma with collaboration functions. I hope to see Sketch able to build out this live design environment and make their web app, Sketch Cloud, more feature rich.

Lack of multi-player

Collaboration. Though Sketch is a supremely useful and powerful tool, without the ease of sharing (compared to something like Figma) it's not worth it for me. Design is about collaboration which is why so many teams like mine have moved over exclusively to Figma.