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  • [[Pricing|Slack]]
  • ### Slack Pricing
  • **Free**
  • The free version is what we’re using and we’re pretty satisfied. It offers unlimited use of the app, but with a limitation of recent messages up to 10,000. This means that only the most recent messages can be accessed, so it’s better to save any important information to prevent them from getting locked in. It also allows you to integrates Slack to up to 10 apps.
  • **Standard - $6.67/mo**
  • This tier offers access to all of your team’s previous messages and unlimited integrations. This version also allows group video calls with up to 15 members.
  • **Plus - $12.50/mo**
  • This version now includes 24/7 support assistance and the ability for high-level people to export information.
  • **Enterprise Grid - Custom Price**
  • This tier provides a venue for collaboration of up top 500,000 users and support just made for your team, plus HIPAA support.
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  • [[Pricing|Slack]]