Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Slack?

Wealth of API integrations

Mobile app is slick. It's so clean that communities outside of work (eg my apartment building) use it to coordinate.

I like that you can quickly spin up a slack group.

As a developer first, by far my favorite thing about Slack is the flexibility of their API. It has a pretty steep learning curve to understand the ins and outs of their system (a major drawback), but I've been impressed with the level of control possible in terms of the ability to interact with data and user interactions.

I really don't. It's pretty poorly built, clunky and doesn't do anything well.

Whatsapp has a play on threads(with its reply feature), but it's nothing like the Slack version. I often find myself in a group message and 5 consecutive questions get asked - when someone responds, it's not always clear what they're responding to. Threads make that process infinitely more efficient.

Also, it's 2020 and you still can't read an iMessage and set a reminder to view it again later. Slack's "remind me later" feature is a game-changer and something I use on a daily basis.

How they automatically deactivate accounts that are not active.

We've gotten feedback from multiple team members that elements of company culture seems to only be represented in Slack. It seems to be a combination of giphy and reactions, but the playful spirit is hard to reproduce elsewhere.

Centralized communication

Easy to use, integrations with all sorts of Apps.

It's a fairly straightforward solution to communication for teams.

Solid and pretty cheap. Slack is a key piece of running a remote team.

Increase collaboration across our organization.

The price for value is great.

Itโ€™s free to start with!

It integrates with everything else in our business.

When configured properly, Slack is the ultimate feedback loop. Use the ecosystem of Slack integrations to tune in to key events from other software tools in your workflow.

easily adopted by everyone in the company

Seamless connection to productive and impactful groups

I really like how easy it is to use and makes everything organized.

It integrates quite well with other tools, even just plain old email.

It's become ubiquitous and now familiar. Easy to start at a new workplace they they use slack.

Itโ€™s a notification hub for all my SaaS subscriptions

It can be โ€œcentral commandโ€ for your business when set up optimally, and used efficiently.

The self channel combined with starred items - I use it as a notes system to remember interesting posts or things to come back to. It's probably the equivalent of emailing myself but I find it the easiest way and is more useful than Notes as it automatically includes the time context of when I came across it.

Channels and polls - has massively reduced non-essential meetings and discussions

Ability to talk to 3rd party vendors in a centralized application

Channels are phenomenal. Subtly different to group chats, channels align conversation around a specified topic.

The proper use of Slack in an organization leads to more well organized and transparent communication.

Great hub for all team communications around a project / event / activity.

Centralized communication with channel and bots

Centralized location to offload email communication

The fact that slack's functionality can be extended by addons is amazing. More power to chatting!

Easy to communicate with the team in their respected spaces.

The ease of communication in a non-linear fashion.

Integrations with tools like Google Drive, Trello, etc.

Ability to quickly communicate with anyone that is in slack group. As per work, ease of communication with any co-worker makes work a lot faster.

Besides all the giphy's? hah! For me, I utilize a lot of organizations so I do enjoy how simple it is to switch between those.

Almost infinite integration options - works well with almost everything

Slack's channels are a much more efficient mechanism than email.

Slack helps improve response time and accountability.

Their openness towards 3rd party developers and the fact that they almost don't have private APIs

The ability to coordinate using multiple channels.

As a startup team, we spend most of our day on Slack for discussion and collaboration. One of the things that Slack is really good at is super developer-friendly with its platform, API, and bots. And the performance of the app is fast and responsive.

Ease of use for the whole team

Channels with multiple options for notification and muting.

Ability to quickly communicate with anyone at the company

I love the reminders feature and use it for both work and personal reminders

I love that Slack makes it easy to solve problems in real time.

It enables remote teams to collaborate.

Great clean software

bonam's avatar Bo

Great communication platform both internally and externally (through shared channels).

Being able to efficiently collaborate with a distributed team.

It's the kind of tool that does one thing and does it right.

Learning/storing information through historical search in channels.

Integrations. Take a service you already use, and there's a Slack integration with that service.

It's simple to use.

Connects with tons of services, so it's a great place to get updates across tools, processes, etc.

Great tool for cross functional teams that just works to replace IRC

I like the little reminders, I use them regularly

The app directory, webhooks and ability to create your own bots.

Channels and private groups allow me to keep information and workflows silo'd

WhatsApp for Enterprise.

Easy to tag, classify based on channels, and search if you know where the channel is

I love the customizable screen-loading messages.

The search functionality and ability to integrate productivity tools with messaging - I end up deleting of glazing over emails when I get them at inoppurtune moments, so the concept of channels and being able to choose when I pay attention to certain information is great.

Modern UI/UX for IM. Fast.

Love the integrations

Great for large teams communication.

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Screen sharing and the ability to draw on the screen is great.

Slack's UI makes it really easy to navigate conversations across teams. It makes communication quick, simple, and easy.

Being able to stay on top of things without actually being physically in the office.

Bringing back irc channels that make it easier for global team to communicate

The friendly/accessible personality of the UI and in-product copywriting (enhancing rather than getting in the way of being a relatively utilitarian tool). Chat clients had already been "solved," but attention to detail goes a long way.

  • UX / Design
  • 3rd party integrations
  • CMD+K

Seamless flow of the app

Great to stay connected within the company

I love the flexible configurations and how easy it makes conversations on the go. I can have slightly async conversations across devices.

Piu314's avatar J

Great for Work and Private usage

The onboarding flow is great.

What I like about Slack is it provides all the basic necessary tools to start working remotely without worrying too much about the logistics. Even when I work with other teams they are quite confident on things to work out in remote setup because of Slack.

I like that slack integrates well with different services, especially GitHub. It makes it easier to be informed about the pull requests my team does.

Group chat is super helpful, and ability to link to other chats

Feature rich. Slack has a lot of features and supports lots of integrations, which makes everything easy.

Great for transparent communication.

Organized manner of switching between multiple workspaces

Ease of use in terms of getting started.

I like the remind feature, even though it's not a great replacement for a to-do list it makes do in a pinch for when I'm mid convo on my phone and don't want to go somewhere else to write down a small reminder.

I can stay in communication with our team despite being in a remote company.

Channels management is great

Better information sharing leading to better and faster decisions

YatinBadal's avatar Yat

I like how it has created a rich bot and automation ecosystem especially with developers - ChatOps.

In the WFH/corona environment
/zoom to quickly spin up a zoom call has been a game changer

Introducing an element of play to communication with reactions, gifs, etc.

Recently, the new design launched and I can't get enough. I love the fact that they separated mentions, threads, etc. I can simply tap on one of them and get back to the conversations. Also, the fact that I can directly call someone on Slack is a big lifesaver since I don't need to create new Zoom links everytime.

Ability to quickly collaborate with my own team and outside teams.

Great tool for keeping in touch with colleagues on a personal level and collaborating on projects.

Slack allows me to seamlessly interact with my team, and enables my team to interact with their clients.

I love the quick integrations with other apps and tools.

You can share any link across to yourself. And API integrations

I've seen people say 'the integrations'. For me it's a little more nuanced.

I love that I am on a journey of improving my working life one simple integration at a time. They are so small on their own, like Mario picking up coins as he jogs through the week. But each addition gives me a little joy and feeling of mastery

I like that you can quickly share info across the org.

What one thing do you like least about Slack?

The 10K message limit on free plans.

Joining workspaces is a pain, and you have to copy messages separately in case the workspace dies out. I've lost out on messages from 2 very very smart communities because the admin deleted the workspace before we could all copy the good messages from the channel...

Lack of BAA/HIPAA compliance

Performance when connected to multiple workspaces.

Things get lost in the stream

The flip side of Slack having a flexible API is that learning how it works is rough. I've spent quite a bit of time recently building an app that uses their home view, and Slack's approach to letting developers build interactive views is complex. Functionality is moderately well documented, but even though most of the information exists somewhere on the site, it takes a long time to figure out the location of the right information.

Lack of usage analytics.

Need a workspace component like drive or notion

Iโ€™ll qualify this that there may be features I havenโ€™t tested enough but I wish there was an option to make it periodically asynchronous.

every message has equal urgency

Organizing the threads over time

No way to customize channels ordering.

Hard to start new message threads and channels on mobile

I donโ€™t like that sometimes it feels very very professional and not wanting to chat up on teammates about anything other than work

I believe Slack is missing out on a great opportunity to become a contextual knowledge base by integrating with Notion, Confluence, etc.

no individual profile across all workspaces

It dropped native IRC support so I switched to a external tool to provide this.

Messages load slower and it always takes time to connect

The new Omni text editor

it can disrupt โ€œdeep workโ€ and create the same problem as email when used without care.

Not a Slack problem really, more how it is used in our company but finding a balance between tthe potential distraction & intrusions and concentrating on other work and apps. Do you turn off and become unavailable or not?

Sometimes buggy with notifications

Threads vs channels are too confusing

Much like the folks at Basecamp, our team is โ€œReal time sometimes, asynchronous most of the timeโ€ . Because of how much is happening on any given day, a lot can get lost in the chatโ€”leaving team members feeling slightly overwhelmed and needing to scroll way back up for something. Even with Threads, the scrolling for multiple chats starts to leaving you feeling like there are breaks in the communication even though your actual flow is fine.

I've always found search difficult in Slack.

Slack works great for synchronous communication but not so great for async. It encourages frequent, short messaging which sometimes can be noisy.

Can be overwhelming in terms of chat and notification volumes.

Desktop and mobile apps are slow

Lack of organization, and information may tend to get lost on busier channels.

Sometimes slack is slow and I have to restart multiple times. Also, slack mobile app notifications are patchy.

Managing notifications for different workspaces within 1 client is confusing.

The proliferation of channels w overlapping messages.

10k message limit for the free version sucks.

I dislike how draft messages get bumped up to the top if you move away from the conversation temporarily. I always lose track of where it went!

Pricing too high and should be possibly be tiered based on user type.

Returning from a vacation, you really have to crawl all the channels and wade through endless discussion when you really only care about the final outcome. As opposed to, say, relying on a wiki page being updated. Not necessarily Slack's fault, it just makes it easy to do.

Not being able to name threads is a missing feature. It becomes a hassle to search threads.

The overwhelming noise it creates in day to day communication

It becomes a source of distraction instead of focus. Too many pings and channels.

The Workflow feature isn't available for free users.

The noise it generates for a lot of team members

Inconsistency of use

Finding something with a search can still take a long time. After following a link going back to try to find another conversation is cumbersome and slow.

Frequent notifications about topics that aren't as relevant to me

Catching up on Slack messages and all of the noise can be painful.

It can be very distracting.

Notifications can be painful sometimes

bonam's avatar Bo

Firehose of information and many important files and info gets lost.

Electron based, should be lighter on laptop batteries...

Not customisable enough, should be able to group channels/users.

Needs more customization for notification/message priority. Especially for new team members, they can be overwhelmed by the amount of messages and notifications across dozens of channels.

People feel the need to treat it like a real-time messaging tool, which can greatly impede focus and productivity. We've found in helpful to reiterate the need to shutdown/logout/minimize Slack when pursuing deep work.

Onboarding. People who are on multiple Slack workspaces signed up via different email addresses continue to face a significant level of difficulty while using all those workspaces.

It low stability can be frustrating.

Too much distraction!

Hate their reminders

The one thing I like least about slack is that people communicate more on slack than email and sometimes things should be sent via email

It doesn't exactly cater for the size and type of team that you are - for example I used Slack in both an enterprise department and also as a co-founder of a 2 person startup, and the communication is quite different. I would say that for the enterprise team Slack's features were a welcome addition, however for the startup we found ourselves adding too many unnecessary channels, integrations, bots, and things that distracted us from focusing on work.

Very difficult to search for content

User Management. Difficult to remove users from specific channels or groups via the app.

The pool of integrations is limited.

DMs can grow to a group of people, making it impossible to find the message if you don't remember which channel it is in

Not a fan of the rich edits they introduced. Keep it simple, Slack!

Thereโ€™s isnโ€™t a good way for me to organize the channels other than โ€œstarringโ€ them. There are certain channels that I donโ€™t need in my view unless a new message pops up, so I wish there was a way to control whatโ€™s comes up in my view of visible channels as it can become a long list.

  1. Search sucks - hard to find info / messages sent in different channels.
  2. Distracting - ease of accessibility (both ways) is a detriment to focus and productivity

They take years to implement must have features

When receiving messages from different channels, it's difficult to find specific messages sent by different users.

blaung's avatar B

Call quality could definiately be improved.

The whole concept of Slack can oftentimes create a distracting environment taking away from getting things done.

Information overkill.

It takes time from me with too many notifications. I turn it off or mute most things now.

It becomes a distracting and disorganized source of information

  • Mobile app notifications aren't as reliable.
  • Mobile App isn't fast.

The interface could be slightly more friendly and less cluttered

Information overload

It's hard to locate or memorialize decisions within the app. Would like a better way to flag all the important bits for myself and others.

Piu314's avatar J

I can't use it 24*7, have to sleep sometimes

The way it implements threading is a usability disaster.

Conversation flow doesn't work. Notifications will come in and you have no idea where they're from, replies can happen without surfacing, the conversations disappear after a while and you can't view the history, it's all completely broken.

One thing I like the least about Slack is the sense of staying connected with your work almost all the time. It blurs the line between co-workers about when I'm active and when I'm not. There are some measures taken by Slack like do not disturb etc. but I believe there can be a better solutions.

Sometimes, when writing long comments the app gets notably slow.

Gifs aren't very good

How you sign into Slack groups. I think the sign in process can be improved.

Needs a better way to organize messages you need to respond to.

Limited email integration

When used incorrectly, it increases distractions.

Not really Slack's fault, but the huge amount of notifications that it spits off when you're in a lot of channels. Hard to figure out how to manage what to keep silent and what not to without accidentally missing things. So I keep everything on and then I get so many notifications I miss things anyway.

The notification noise is insane!! Hard to maintain focus and can be stressful.

Memory footprint is too high

Productivity loss from constantly having to check channels

YatinBadal's avatar Yat

It some UX quirks and kinks here and there.

I really donโ€™t like the Threads feature

Channel overload :D Can get overwhelming

I wish I could tag conversations. I simply lose them when there are too many and often miss out on important stuff.

Most of my day is consumed by staying up to date with Slack.

There's too many collaboration tools out there.

The notifications from all the channels can get overwhelming.

I'm quite annoyed by the SlackBot notifications that can't be turned off apparently. It doesn't make much sense that you can shut off all other notifications but these. I wrote into support and sure enough, it's not possible.

What this causes me to do turn off all notifications in general. Hoping they can fix this as I have a ton of app that auto-post activity from 3rd party systems into channels!

Can't sort messages by recency