Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Stripe?

Available integrations for almost everything under the sun.

Ease of use for the entire team. That includes our teach and admin staff. We use the admin interface a lot more than we code against their API, so luckily it's also simple, clear and robust.

As a developer, I'm a real fan of their API. Their documentation is especially good.

Instant payouts - Can receive funds instantly instead of waiting days like with most payment processors.

When you are running multiple e-commerce stores, you can have one master login and switch across all the other accounts. And not to mention, about its instant account creation/approvals which in a way enables fast to market.

What one thing do you like least about Stripe?

Wave does not work with Stripe U.S. accounts.

Pricing. There's always that looming thought we could save $1000s using our own merchant account, but then we'd probably spend $1000s integrating, maintaining and administering our own merchant account.

This is a very specific issue, but I had to chat with their support over a series of days and hours regarding some interesting coupon behaviour. It wasn't a fun experience. Aside from that, there's not much I don't like about Stripe in general.

I do not have a single complaint

The biggest missing functionality in stripe at the moment is more granular user roles and permissions inside of their dashboard. It really limits its usefulness as an organization grows.