Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Todoist?

allows me to plan my whole day with tasks that have been prioritized based on business and personal needs and time block my day to accomplish those tasks.

It's simple and easy to use

How it balances simplicity and versatility so well .

Tasks are always available and easy to access from the web browser or from the app on the phone

Highly structured way to manage to-do items across multiple simultaneous projects and sub-projects, with alerts and reminders to keep things on track

I love how simple and clean it has remained. Throughout the years the design has never failed to remain a stable and unifitied whole. Amir, the CEO seems to be very capable.

It support cyclic tasks

Big fan of the nesting tasks within tasks

I like the ease of adding context to my individual tasks in the same field that I type them in #project today

I love the consistent cross-platform experience and the neat streamlined UX flows.

Capture and triage flow using the inbox, and projects and labels that ensures items can be added anywhere and end up being seen in the right context to action them.

Calendar sync works seamlessly

It is cross platform

What one thing do you like least about Todoist?

notes. You have to pay in order to unlock notes/comments. This was the first roadblock that I encounter with it, which, I paid for the feature but it is the most basic feature on a task management tool. The other one is integrations... I am not a fan of zapier and prefer direct integrations. Tools that we use for work do not have direct integrations with Todoist, meaning I have to do double work.

Not possible to share hierarchies of projects with others

I wish the free plan had simple "task x done" logs.

I cannot add notes to a task unless I pay for Todoist, and I would like to link Todoist to Evernote, but cannot find something that looks like a good integration.

Speed of tagging and allocating tasks to projects

A calendar view would go amazingly well accompanied by a feature to update a task duration ā€“ or even better, a way to set a start date/time for each task. It would greatly improve the incredible sync with Google Calendar and make Todoist the ultimate task planning tool

Its slow to open on OS X

Iā€™d like to see a visual breakdown of my tasks over the week

I wish there was even less resistance to adding things immediately to the inbox. A widget on iOS. Voice dictation. I should be able to effortlessly add an item to inbox to be sorted later, without using anything more than my voice.

The desktop "app" gets a bit confused sometimes (I'm sure it doesn't help it's a webview) which means I have to reload or restart it.

Dates and priorities don't play perfectly together. I prefer to work "kanban/backlog"-style rather than planning the time something will be done.

like everything about it

The UI is a pain on macOS when it comes to selecting and moving items