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  • ### What is Twilio?
  • Twilio is a communications platform that allows software engineers to build Voice and SMS capabilities into applications. Twilio does this by providing APIs that let you send and receive text messages and phone calls; and build more advanced systems like redirecting phone calls during certain hours.
  • Twilio can be used when you have any of the following needs:
  • * To integrate voice or text message capabilities into your software.
  • * To build a call center, with menu systems, queuing, hours of operation etc.
  • * To create a cheap *burner* phone number.
  • * To provide separate phone numbers that redirect to a single phone number (to provide country/region specific local numbers or to track different marketing campaigns etc.)
  • * To build text message chat bots or customer service systems.
  • * To integrate voice communications with 3rd party tools.
  • Twilio is NOT good for:
  • * **Complex systems without technical knowledge** - although Twilio has built a *Studio* allowing some systems to be built with *no code*, anything beyond the basics will require programming and setup of servers, applications etc. to fully use Twilio APIs.
  • * **SMS messaging for emergency purposes** - Twilio SMS is not designed to be used for delivery to emergency services such as 911.
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