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Grow Start ups via data, analytics, and converstion rate optimization. Enriching lives through podcasts and training courses. Copywriter & direct marketer.

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We'd like a tool that allows us to easily build onboarding/product walkthroughs/feature shoutouts without needing an engineer or designers.

We're looking to integrate into a few places:
-web app we…

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Hi y'all.

We're looking to do one of two things.

Either build out our own translation team and use a service like transifex to manage translations


To use a service like Smartling that can…


This would be we software like blazyverify, webbula, kickbox, neverbounce, where they check if the emails are spam traps, legitimate, contain errors etc.

Looking to find a good piece of software to…

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Our company is looking into integrating a referral program and an affiliate program which could be two separate software. We'd like to have multiple language support and it can handle a large load of…

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