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Software developer, blogger, podcaster. Founder of cove.chat, subsail.com.

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I have two blogs running with the newsletter feature, so new blog posts go out automatically to members. It works well though it's limited in beta.

I see an opportunity for a newsletter-first Ghost…

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I'm a bit biased as I haven't blogged on Wordpress for a few years and I'm currently building on Ghost.

Ghost is a much better and simpler environment for writing and blogging. The built-in member…


Compared to other platforms, Ghost is like Medium for writing but with a splattering of Wordpress' themes and backend (Ghost's is a lot simpler). You can of course edit the code and host it yourself…

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I'm a big fan of Ghost and have a few blogs running on it. I'm also building some tech and themes for the Ghost ecosystem.

It's the best CMS I've used, is really easy to set up on Ghost Pro or…