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Penned an essay -  The best note-taking app of 2021
11 months ago

Congratulations to Obsidian for taking top honors in this year's Note-taking App Showdown on Capiche!

After tight voting in early rounds, Obisidian comes out on top over up-and-comer app, Mem, in a landslide vote.

What category should we dive into next? Let us know!

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12 months ago

For a function as fast-paced and collaborative as product management, a tailored note-taking solution — complete with integrations to regularly-used tools — may be a better fit than a general note-taking app.

Delibr is one such app. After noticing that several team members at the company are also…

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12 months ago

Semifinal round votes are in, and Obsidian and Mem have advanced as Capiche's final two in the Note-taking App Showdown.

Vote here to give your favorite app a chance to win. Voting closes 11:59 p.m. CDT on Oct. 19!

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Penned an essay -  Top 4 note-taking app finalists
12 months ago

The Top 4 note-taking apps are here:

Make sure your favorite app makes it to the final two here. Voting closes 11:59 p.m. CDT on Oct. 12!

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Think of NoteApps.info as an “encyclopedia of note-taking apps.” Associated with Amplenote, NoteApps.info has a repository of everything you’d want to know about across hundreds of features on top apps. The site aims to make note-taking apps more discoverable, plus, users can compare apps so…

Penned an essay -  Meet your Top 8 note-taking apps
a year ago

The Capiche community has spoken, and we are excited to present your Top 8 note-taking apps that will compete for a chance at winning it all.

Top 8 Note-taking Apps:
  • Notion (60 votes)
  • Obsidian (55)
  • Apple Notes (32)
  • Coda (30)
  • Mem (29)
  • Roam Research (28)
  • OneNote (21)
  • Craft (17)

We’ve paired the…

Penned an essay -  Note-taking App Showdown
a year ago

We want to find out what the Capiche community’s favorite note-taking app is.

Over the course of September and October, we will be hosting a bracket showdown for note-taking apps, and your votes will determine who comes out on top.

Help your favorite app win it all:
  • Get your app into the first…
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With the recent shutdowns of Woven calendar and x.ai, scheduling productivity has taken a hit.

Which tools do you swear by? Will calendar and scheduling point solutions continue to get swallowed…


From enterprise suite players to well-known point solutions to custom-made tech, there are many options for a fast-moving company to choose from for file storage and sharing.

What's you're favorite?

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What are ways have repurposed free tools or software your company already had on-hand to get the job done without the best-in-class tool?

As an example: at a prior job, my company was testing out…

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Using the whiteboard and ideating on giant notepads will be a little tricky for design sprints where some of the team is in-office and part WFH. Are your companies installing interactive screens or…

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