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building https://t.co/Z660qPQOyu. @airtasker board. prev EIR @redpointvc, advisor @cowboyvc, head of product @uber. web junkie and lover of food, fashion, and wine.

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Commented on  Migrating off of Intercom
3 years ago

Intercom just isn't working for us anymore. It hasn't been for a while to be honest, but we haven't had the time to move off. We made this a priority recently and the core tools we're transitioning to…


This is awesome, thanks so much! It's exactly what I needed, and as I suspected, a single zap inefficiently written is the culprit which should save $1000s.

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Definitely something we do. The challenge of course is remembering to cancel at the end of the month... We don't want to cancel part way because we may need it multiple times through the course of the…

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