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What software do you keep connected with integrations?

Some software can stand alone, no other tools needed. You could use Photoshop or PowerPoint on their own forever without missing out on much. Other tools thrive with connections. You could use a f...

What software are you most thankful for?

It's hard to imagine the world without software—without video calls and instant messages and spellcheck and all the tiny bits of software we rely on without thinking. What software changed your li...

Ultimate Guide to Notion Landing Pages

Hi everyone! I'm new to Capiche, but Temirlan @optemization is a long-time enthusiast. We're working together on Optemization, helping teams boost productivity, structure knowledge and streamline ...

Do you have comments on your blog—and if so, what powers them?

Do you use WordPress or Medium's default comments, direct people to comment on Hacker News or Twitter or another forum or social network, or do you use a hosted comment tool like Disqus?

Meet the Capiche Community, July 2020.

Just joined Capiche, or finally jumping into the conversations after watching from the sidelines for a while? We’re glad you’re here! And we'd love to learn a bit more about you. What are you wor...

What self-hosted software do you use?

The CMS for your blog or website is likely self-hosted—unless you're using a service like Ghost's hosting or a website builder tool like Squarespace. That's often supplemented with hosted services...

What are your favorite tools to build an MVP?

I've used Airtable extensively to build simple internal apps as minimal viable products, but would love to build something bigger without coding. What are your favorite tools to build MVPs?

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