Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Webflow?

Site maintenance is a breeze & updates can happen in minutes without any dependency on the dev teams

Webflow is super powerful.

Ease of building something worthwhile. Ability to make changes quickly.

Layout Template and customize details of elements and box, somethings.

What one thing do you like least about Webflow?

Very low limits on the number of fields per CMS item which is pretty weird - unclear why it has to be just 30 or 60 things you can customise per page from a collection and that there’s no “unlimited” tier (or a ridiculously high number like 1,000). This is a bottleneck way before some of the other volume limits are because it bottlenecks your expressiveness, not your growth (which makes sense to charge more for as you grow)

I wish they had a better ecosystem of templates and widgets

It's still somewhat hard to use for non-developers. More of a tool to speed up developers and semi-technical folks than it is (yet) for totally empowering non-developer folks.

Performance - sometimes it gets slow.

Not easy to learn and manage advanced information like classes without developers.
There's so many information and video/article but it's not aligned well.

The limited form builder is pretty high on my list. Complicated, multi-step forms are really hard to do on Webflow unless you start writing custom JS, which in turn defeats the purpose of Webflow.