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Revision note: Added initial list of WordPress features.
  • - **Run a blog**. WordPress is built to help bloggers publish content regularly, with a clean rich-text writing environment and settings to queue posts in advance.
  • - **Edit content pages without code**. You can use the same blogging tools to edit any page on your site, making WordPress an easy way to let anyone on your team maintain content and add new features.
  • - **Add features with plugins**. Build your site into anything you want with WordPress plugins to add an eCommerce store, build forms, and more.
  • - **Publish content as a team**. Invite your team to your WordPress site so everyone can add posts, edit content pages, and more without coding.
  • - **Tweak anything**. WordPress is open source, so you can change its code, access your MySQL content database from other tools, and use WordPress as a base to build a custom CMS.
  • - **Build a community**. WordPress includes a built-in commenting system, with Akismet spam protection and options to moderate comments as they come in. Your site can also let other WordPress sites know when you've mentioned them and show Trackback backlinks to build a community of blogs across the web.
  • - **Publish on the go**. WordPress' mobile apps and integrations with popular writing software let you write and publish from anywhere. Its integrations also let you automate publishing, and share your content elsewhere.
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