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  • WordPress is an open-source content management system that's one of the most popular blogging tools. WordPress was originally built as a fork of the early blogging platform b2. Today, while it's still primarily designed for publishing blogs, WordPress is used as the CMS behind standalone sites, eCommerce stores, and more, powered by WordPress' content tools along with plugins that let you customize WordPress into anything you want.
  • You can run WordPress on your own server, with one-click installs offered on hosts like DigitalOcean and Amazon Lightsail. Or, you can use the hosted version of WordPress on to start a free blog then upgrade to add additional features and add-ons.
  • WordPress is popular for its flexibility, with an active ecosystem of themes and add-ons to build the site you want. That flexibility also means WordPress includes more features than a blog may need, and can make WordPress sites slower and more difficult to secure.
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