How do you get reminded about Notion notes and tasks?

I'm using Notion to write weekly retrospectives of what our team has worked on. Is there a way to get reminded every week with a recurring notification so I don't forget to add the details to Notion before they're due?

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7 months ago
Add /remind anywhere in a note

Add reminder to Notion

One of the best things about Notion is its flexibility. Its notes pages aren't simply places to type static text—they're also tools to list tasks, embed data from other software, create spreadsheets, and more. Among those extra features is Notion's handy option to add reminders to notes.

If you add a new kanban project board to Notion, by default its cards will have a date field where you can add a due date to track your work. That same feature works everywhere in Notion.

To add a reminder to any Notion note, type /remind, press return, then choose when the item is due (or type in a later date than the default options). Then, click the due date text for more options as in the screenshot above, with options to set when you want Notion to remind you (on the due date, before, or after) as well as to set a specific time for the reminder. You'll then get a notification in Notion when your item is due, both in Notion's desktop apps and on your phone.

Speaking of your phone: To add Notion reminders on its mobile apps, click the @ icon button in the toolbar above your keyboard while editing a note, then select the due date you want for this item—and tap the due date again to set its options.

Notion doesn't have recurring reminders, so if you need to do the same task on a schedule, instead of checking it off on completion just update the reminder to the next time you need to do the task to get reminded again.

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