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It's not about the software, people. It's about the software people.

Capiche is a community built around the software we use to get things done. Instead of relying on agenda-driven sales, marketing, and customer success teams, we can rely on each other.

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Imagine if software websites simply told you about their products. No whitepapers. No demo calls. No waitlists. No "How can I help you?" chat bots. No fluffy testimonials. No ad retargeting.

That's Capiche Product Wikis. Software explained by people who use it.

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No. More. Opaque. Pricing.

Can a page that displays no pricing really be called a pricing page? Skip the whole "Call for pricing!" charade, and tap into thousands of real stories about how much software actually costs.

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Jason Fried

CEO, Basecamp
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Laura Roeder

Founder/CEO, MeetEdgar
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30 Questions | 38 Comments
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Rahul Vohra

founder & ceo, Superhuman
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+ 7 others
29 Questions | 33 Comments
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Hiten Shah

Co-founder/CEO, FYI
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+ 6 others
21 Questions | 43 Comments
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Wade Foster

Co-founder/CEO, Zapier
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+ 7 others
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Patrick McKenzie

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"The best kept secret in SaaS."

Recommendations from people who tried everything. Tech tips from people who figured it out the hard way. Shortcuts and workarounds from people who live for efficiency. Pricing details from people who negotiated every last detail.

Capiche is your new secret weapon.

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