Meet Capiche.

Software's confusing—but it shouldn't be. The industry that democratized information should be the most transparent, the easiest to decode.

So we built Capiche as community of people who care about software to do that together. Somewhere where we can hold our industry to a higher standard.

We’re on a mission to end information asymmetry in business software.

We believe everyone's an expert in the software they use everyday. We'd all be more productive if we shared our software tricks—what we paid, why we picked one tool over another, how we get the most out of our individual software suites. We know the best way to discover software is from each other.

We're building a living repository of software knowledge—guides, reviews, documentation, pricing transparency, and more. And it's all sourced by the people who use these products daily, not the teams who sell them.

We hope you'll join us.




Founding Editor



Front-end Engineer

We’re backed by investors and advisors who helped build companies like HubSpot, Superhuman, Clearbit, and more.

🎙 And we're also building Capiche FM, the way to host your own radio show online.