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How do you load test your cloud apps?

We are looking for ways to load test our app in AWS. I have no experience load testing so not sure the best tools to use to get an idea how the system will handle a ton of concurrent users doing o...

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Pro tip: Send millions of emails for a fraction of the usual price using Amazon SES

If you are using AWS services, Amazon SES is also available to you. If you need to control your email sender IP reputation and need to send a high volume of emails on a regular basis, Amazon SES le...

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What's the best transactional email sending service?

Curious how Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, and others compare, and why your team picked the service you did to send emails.

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What is the best voice recognition and transcription API?

If we want to add built-in voice recognition to an app instead of relying on dictation in individual platforms (e.g. the dictation from the iPhone keyboard), what's the best API to use? If you have...

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What's the best API to recognize items in images—and how well does it actually work in your experience?

There are tools from AWS and Google Cloud to classify images, but curious how well they actually work. Any you've actually used?

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Which is most secure: AWS, GCP, or Azure?

Gavin Baker, who’s highly respected by Benchmark’s Bill Gurley, recently posted a thread about growing startup migration away from AWS to GCP/Azure. Thread here:

Which PaaS is good for HIPAA compliance? What's the cost?

Looked at Heroku, which uses a Shared Responsibility model for HIPAA compliance. The quoted price struck my as ridiculous (OTOO ~$50K/year) in addition to server/worker resource costs. For HIPAA-c...

What discounts does AWS get you?

Our company has fast growing spend on AWS and are almost done with our AWS Activate credits. We've heard that they have an Enterprise Discount Program (EDP). How much can you save? How do you get i...

How is Amazon’s AWS support, and do you pay for it?

Was surprised to see Amazon's support pricing, and am curious how much most teams end up paying for AWS support and how valuable that has been for your team.

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How long did it take your team to switch to AWS?

My app is currently hosted on several Digital Ocean VPS, and migrating to AWS seems like it may be more challenge than it's worth at the moment. How difficult was the switch for your team?

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What is your favorite AWS service?

Any smaller, lesser-known services your team loves?

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AWS users: Do you use Amazon’s services for new things you need by default, or use other services?

Is there any advantage to sticking with an AWS-only stack as much as possible?

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What’s the most confusing thing in AWS pricing to watch for?

AWS pricing seems like it can get incredibly detailed and confusing; are there any major things that tripped your company up to watch out for?

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What is the best reason to use AWS?

What made you choose AWS over Azure and Google Cloud?

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Which AWS services are worse than their competitors?

Curious if there are any AWS services you avoid using.

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Why did you quit using AWS?

If you've switched to another hosting or cloud provider, why? Curious before deploying our site on AWS.

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How much AWS credit did AWS for Startups give your company?

Seems you can get between $1,000 to $100,000—wondering how much your company was offered, or if you found other deals worked out better.

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How do AWS Reserved Instances work?

Reserved Instances seem like the best way to save on AWS over the long term, but worried about losing the flexibility of only using the capacity we need. Has this been an issue for your team?

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Which AWS discount did your startup use?

Amazon says you can only use one AWS discount on your account, ever, so trying to find the best one before we sign up for our startup.

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