Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Asana?

Adding one task to multiple projects is extremely useful for meeting agendas and 1:1s, and for tracking goals, yet many people don't even know you can do this.

Organizing : has multiple views like kanban, timeline (gantt style), list... and ability to auto export to gsheet

Asana is powerful. As a result, it basically required that I take a few of their online, intructor-led classes, however, once I understood how it worked, it became a powerful tool for keeping our team organized.

Great collaboration tool for project management and tasks.

Very flexible -- can be company wide while also support product engineering teams.

Beautiful UI. Intuitive, easy-to-use and doesn't require a ton of training to get up-and-running. My big boss and the Project Manager who leads our team both love using this application to have more visibility into the status of individual tasks.

Timeline - Easier to visualize Task/project due dates

The UX is very easy to use and understand and I found it easy to get moderately knowledgeable quickly.

Very complete project management system

Great cadence of new features

Tasks inside tasks inside tasks as far as you want to take it

Clean interface and simplicity around the ease of use

It's easy to collaborate with multiple people on ongoing projects.

The discoverability of new features. I don't recall any product that helped me discovered new features like them.

All the teams are in one place and we can customize across teams

Combines different planning features.

Asana has a great UI and helps me stay productive

What one thing do you like least about Asana?

The product is built to function sub-optimally and have frustrating shortcomings for users not paying for premium and ultra-premium subscriptions. For example if you want to add subtasks to your individual to do list, you need to select each one (one-at-a-time) and add them all separately.

Sometimes tasks arrive in my inbox without a ton of context. When you've got 3 different projects that all need a "copy review" seeing the tasks "Review the copy" without knowing which project it relates to can mean you need to log into the app to understand where your work is needed. This is a pretty minor issue, might be easy to get around with some naming conventions for tasks and sub-tasks.

Almost every new feature they introduce requires that I upgrade to a higher tier. It is basically cost prohibitive and makes me want to move to another productivity software provider.

The gsheet export is set for some 1hr-ish duration and there is no way to force a refresh... which makes it very hard to work on integrations that are pieced together via gsheet.

Its mobile interface forces you to use its app.

Confusing UI and limited capability to automate your workflow.

There is no easy way to see all comments on different tasks

Has become quite expensive

Overly task-oriented. Seems to discourage longer form conversations, central documentation, etc.

That it costs so much to upgrade

Lacks strong high level portfolio and complex project management.

I'd like to use Asana to manage my company wiki.

Not as great for engineering

No status option on todos

Can be very noisy if people don't tune their notifications correctly.

There is a weird UX for adding items which frequently results in me adding an empty item to my task list. It’s difficult to explain without a video, but I also feel as if you should not be able to add an empty item to a task list.

I wish the text editing in tasks descriptions was more like a Google Doc. I find myself linking to Google Docs a lot.

No hotkeys to automatically move or archive tickets!

Bulk, selecting / editing of items is clunky. When you are trying to bulk edit the side bar always keeps popping in and out confusing users (and me)