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  • ### What integrations does Clearbit support?
  • Clearbit’s most notable integration is [Clearbit for Salesforce](, a Salesforce AppExchange app for lead enrichment and prospecting.
  • Clearbit also has direct integrations with,, Drift, Heap, Intercom, Segment, Slack, Zapier, and many other services.
  • Clearbit can be directly integrated with a range of other services by passing data through Segment, Zapier, and
  • ### Clearbit’s APIs
  • Clearbit also exposes most of its core functionality via REST API. Clearbit’s available APIs are as follows:
  • * **Enrichment API**: Look up person or company data based on an email or domain.
  • * **Discovery API**: Search for companies based on specific criteria
  • * **Prospector API**: Identify leads and collect their contact information based on location, job title, company, and more.
  • * **Risk API**: Flag suspicious users based on email address and/or IP address
  • * **Logo API**: A free API for returning a company logo based on its domain. (Example: [](
  • * **Reveal API**: Identify the companies your web visitors work for based on their IP addresses
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