September 14, 2021

Meet your Top 8 note-taking apps

Vote for your favorite note-taking app to advance

by @klapicheza

Capiche moderator & admin. Digital whiteboarding fangirl. Open to commiserating on slim ATS pickings.
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The Capiche community has spoken, and we are excited to present your Top 8 note-taking apps that will compete for a chance at winning it all.

Top 8 Note-taking Apps:

  • Notion (60 votes)
  • Obsidian (55)
  • Apple Notes (32)
  • Coda (30)
  • Mem (29)
  • Roam Research (28)
  • OneNote (21)
  • Craft (17)

We’ve paired the Top 8 tournament-style. So if your newcomer favorite is going up against a mainstream leader, you may want to rally fellow fans to give your underdog pick a fighting chance. 😉

Capiche Note-taking App Showdown, Top 8 Finalists are Notion, Obsidian, Apple Notes, Coda, Mem, Roam Research, Microsoft OneNote, and Craft.

Vote for your note-taking app of choice to advance to the Top 4 here. Hurry, voting closes 11:59 p.m. CDT on Sept. 27!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Google Keep (16 votes)
  • Bear Notes (13)
  • Evernote (10)
  • Logseq (10)
  • Drafts (7)
  • Workflowy (7)
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@christox (replying to klapicheza )
a month ago

People are sleeping on Noteplan 3

2 points
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@kasperkamperman (replying to klapicheza )
a month ago

Dont miss on nototo, a tool. ro visually organise note’s.

2 points
klapicheza's avatar
@klapicheza (replying to @kasperkamperman )
a month ago

Thanks for the recommendation, Kasper! We'll get to work on a product wiki for it on our end.

1 point
vinorum's avatar
@vinorum (replying to klapicheza )
a month ago

I can't believe Notebook by Zoho is not in the list. I've tried all note taking apps and Notebook makes them pale in comparison.

2 points
klapicheza's avatar
@klapicheza (replying to @vinorum )
a month ago

Bummer that it didn't get enough votes this time around! Thanks for getting this app on our radar though -- we're getting to work on a wiki page for Notebook.

1 point
tng's avatar
@tng (replying to klapicheza )
a month ago

Big fan of Clover app. Trust they'll be competing here next year.

1 point
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