August 24, 2021

Note-taking App Showdown

Give your favorite note-taking app a chance for glory.

by @klapicheza

Capiche moderator & admin. Digital whiteboarding fangirl. Open to commiserating on slim ATS pickings.
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We want to find out what the Capiche community’s favorite note-taking app is.

Over the course of September and October, we will be hosting a bracket showdown for note-taking apps, and your votes will determine who comes out on top.

Help your favorite app win it all:

  • Get your app into the first round of competition by giving it a vote in this survey.
  • Edit the Product wiki for your app to help other members learn more about it. (Don’t see your favorite app? Let us know!)
  • Share your pro-tips! Aside from helping get your support questions answered, Question content can be a great place to share your app tips and tricks.

Check back for a bracket of the top eight finalists on Sept. 14!

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